What To Say

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Chicago-based Daphne Willis brings a buoyant and refreshing liveliness to the contemporary singer-songwriter scene with her Vanguard Records debut, What To Say.  This 22-year-old artist has delivered a record chocked full of engaging melodies, relatable lyricism, and a breezy, organic pop sensibility.  Comparisons to breakout stars Jack Johnson and Colbie Callait are certainly apt, as this fresh face could very soon join them atop the heap of today's pop singer-songwriters.

**This album will be available Feb. 9th exclusively through Barnes & Noble locations as well as all digital retailers.**

  1. Everybody Else
  2. Bluff
  3. Far Away
  4. All I Know
  5. What To Say
  6. Love and Hate
  7. Not Always Easy
  8. Swirl
  9. Still Tryin'
  10. Yellow Dress
  11. Pulled Tight
  12. Jim Thornton