Best of The Vanguard Years: Tom Paxton

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Track Listing

  1. Introduction - Pete Seeger
  2. Ramblin' Boy
  3. Bottle Of Wine
  4. The Last Thing On My Mind
  5. Talking Pop Art
  6. Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation
  7. The Willing Conscript
  8. Did You Hear John Hurt?
  9. Pandora's Box
  10. Birds On The Table
  11. Talking Watergate
  12. There Goes The Mountain
  13. Cotton Eye Joe
  14. You Can Eat Dog Food
  15. You're So Beautiful
  16. Mister Blue/White Bones of Allende
  17. Born On The Fourth Of July
  18. Presbyterian Boy
  19. Day In The Country, A
  20. Anita O.J.
  21. Winter Song
  22. Death Of Stephen Biko, The
  23. Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes
  24. Phil
  25. Not Tonight, Marie