Track Listing


  1. Clean The Clock
  2. Blue Sunshine
  3. Wesley
  4. Lonely Gir
  5. Target Heart
  6. When Will The Sun Shine?
  7. Go On
  8. Run Rabbit Run
  9. Gone For Good (duet with Corin Tucker)
  10. The Game
  11. The Void Above The Sky
  12. Reasons To Cry



Blue Giant is the creation of Kevin and Anita Robinson, better known as Portland indie-pop darlings Viva Voce.  The Robinson's new band features Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Evan Railton (Swords) and Seth Lorinczi (The Golden Bears).  On their self-titled debut, produced by Kevin Robinson, Blue Giant combines the traditional sounds of American music - country, bluegrass, and folk with driving, straight-ahead rock.