Track Listing

  1. How Am I To Be
  2. Lady Love me
  3. Fall
  4. Just Like Heaven
  5. Map To Where You Are
  6. Dig A Little Deeper
  7. Sky Open Up
  8. Bar Woman Blues
  9. Only You
  10. Old Ways
  11. Waves


Fire Songs is the full-length debut by identical twins Chandra and Leigh Watson - The Watson Twins.  Gaining fans in the indie-rock, folk and alternative-country music scenes, The Watson Twins - whose visual presence equals their vocal presence - can't be easily categorized.  Their music is an evocative approach to warm, familiar sounds, which intrigue and enchant.  The Kentucky-born duo count folk, gospel, blues and country as early influences.  Fire Songs was produced by Russell Pollard and J. Soda (members from various incarnations of Sebadoh, Earlimart, Everest and Folk Implosion) and is the follow-up to The Watson Twins' self-released and critically acclaimed Southern Manners EP (2006).  The Twins came to prominence adding their graceful country soul and haunting vocals to the Jenny Lewis with The Waton Twins project Rabbit Fur Coat.