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Los Angeles, CA (May 6, 2013) – Multi-platinum pop group BARENAKED LADIES are celebrating their 25th anniversary in grand style: they just released a lyric video for “Boomerang,” the lead single off their new album GRINNING STREAK (out June 4th on Vanguard Records) and are gearing up for this year’s much-anticipated “Last Summer On Earth Tour.”  

LSOE 13 sees the Ladies (guitarist/vocalist Ed Robertson, bassist/vocalist Jim Creeggan, keyboardist/vocalist Kevin Hearn and drummer/vocalist Tyler Stewart) teaming with Ben Folds Five and Guster for a hot-ticket roadshow that kicks off June 17th at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, TX, and will hit 30 arenas and amphitheaters across the country (tickets are available at and and full itinerary is below). Those who purchase tickets for “The Last Summer On Earth 2013” will receive a voucher for a download of GRINNING STREAK.

Fans that pre-order the album now can also receive special limited edition 25th anniversary collectible merch, including commemorative handmade hockey jerseys, t-shirts and posters. For more information, please visit

Led by “Boomerang,” the songs on GRINNING STREAK unfold with the blend of immediacy, tunefulness and witty sophistication that made such BNL hits as “Pinch Me, “Brian Wilson,” “If I Had $1,000,000” and the chart-topping “One Week” modern-day classics. “Pop is a form that I love—it can be high-energy and intricate,” says Robertson of the genre the band has championed throughout the last quarter century. “When I think of pop music, I think of the Cars and Squeeze—interesting melodic rock is what I gravitate toward and what I’m always striving for. I want guitar-heavy pop/rock that’s intelligent, evocative and thought-provoking. I want it to be singable and relatable, and I want there to be other layers in there for the people who want to go deeper—because not everybody does. I’ve heard so many times, ‘I love you guys ’cause your songs are just fun and easygoing.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m glad you enjoy them, but there’s a dark underbelly that you haven’t mined.’”

Indeed, there’s much more to the Barenaked Ladies than initially meets the ear. Suck on the candy-coated surfaces of Robertson’s songs long enough and you never know what you’ll encounter in their “emotional centers,” as Robertson puts it.

 He wrestled with the songs for the new album over an extended period as he plumbed the depths of his psyche in search of just those emotional centers. Along the way, Robertson experienced periods of stress, though not to the degree he’d endured while writing the material for the band’s previous studio album, 2010’s All in Good Time. That one was their first project following the departure of Steven Page, who’d founded the band with Robertson in 1988, reconfiguring the BNL as a four-piece.

 “This is the second record since all of that turmoil,” Robertson notes, “but it’s still a part of what we’re going through and what informs who we are. On the last record, there were some songs that were directly about the band split, but this record is much more about the emotional rebuilding after that process. Looking back on the … Read More

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Columbus, OH
The LC Pavilion
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Cleveland, OH
Jacobs Pavilion Nautica
(216) 861-4080
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Toledo, OH
Toledo Zoo Ampitheater
(419) 385-4040
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Cedar Rapids, IA
McGrath Amphitheater
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Morrison, CO
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
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Boomerang (Lyric Video)

Boomerang (Lyric Video)



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