Hunting My Dress

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Track Listing


  1. Whispering Light
  2. The Kingdom
  3. Feast of The Heart
  4. Angel Mom
  5. Four Dreams
  6. Murder of Birds
  7. Bed Across The Sea
  8. Tulip
  9. Hunting My Dress
Bonus EP
  1. Enemy
  2. Intelligentactile 101
  3. Silverscreen
  4. My Boo
  5. Wintersong



Less than a year after it led the Times of London to celebrate "a new sound that is both studied and inspired," Jesca Hoop's sophomore album will receive its anticipated American release on Vanguard Records.  Titled Hunting My Dress, the stunning collection finds the California native meditating on her recent move to Manchester, England, where Hoop received a heroine's welcome thanks in part to an endorsement by one of her most devoted fans, Guy Garvey of the widely respected U.K. rock act Elbow.