“Songs come and songs go. Some get lost in the folds of time, while others are passed on and shared in infinitude.” – Trevor Hall

The intimate look into Unpack Your Memories was directed by his wife Emory Hall and takes the viewer on a personal journey through some of Hall’s most beautiful memories of his life.

Unpack Your Memories is a five song collection which includes some of Hall’s most personal tracks.

Hall talks about the history of these songs and why he chose to share them with the world at this time. “Unpack Your Memories is a collection of songs that have been in my “vault” for a long time now,” Hall says. “Some just didn’t make the other albums and some were just too intimate to share at the time. Now they are ready to breathe and be shared with others. The name of the album says everything … These are all songs that have become memories for me. I am reaching into my bag and unpacking them – unpacking their meaning, the memory of where I was when I wrote them, and the feelings that they brought me so many years ago. As the saying goes, ‘You never meet the same river twice.’ Every time I hear these songs, they teach me something new or offer me the gift of a new perspective. There are many other songs that are still in my vault, but I felt these were the most important to share at this time. The songs all came up together like the roots of a tree, and have taken form in the EP.”

The Unpack Your Memories EP is available for pre-order from the Vanguard Records store.

Following the release of Unpack Your Memories, Trevor will be back on the road in Australia for his Bluesfest debut and in the U.S. Performances include the Soulshine Festival, California Roots Festival, Wanderlust and more.