"I've been a performer my entire life and everything I've done has led up to this moment," says Kimberly Caldwell.

With her girl-next-door looks and trendsetting style combined with a killer "can do anything" confidence, Kimberly Caldwell shows us All American Beauty is back and more inspiring than ever.  Her new pop single, “Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys” from her debut album, Without Regret, will be released in the Spring 2011.

Perhaps best known as a second season contestant on the television phenomenon American Idol, Caldwell struck a chord with millions of the show’s viewers thanks to her gutsy vocals, passionate performances, and earthy charisma. On Without Regret, she wields her full-throttle belt to maximum effect on a series of emotionally rich, pop-inflected songs.  The new single, “Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys” is one that particularly resonated with Caldwell.  “One of my main philosophies is never apologize for who you are.  I automatically connected with this song because life is so much brighter and easier when you stop trying so hard to fit in.”

Drive; meet me at the corner of hope and hopeless

Try to follow me I know a way out

It’s your life, so try not to get stuck in this crazy circus

“It’s important to surround yourself with the special people in your life who appreciate you for who you really are and always have your back,” added Caldwell.

Caldwell developed her fierce determination through a childhood that had its share of obstacles. Born in Katy, Texas, she describes herself as an attention-seeking kid who would climb on the coffee table, throw her hands in the air, and scream, “Look at me! I can do this!” “I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer,” she says. “I just wanted to perform for people.” That desire led to four years on the beauty pageant circuit, from ages 5 to age 9. “I loved the hair and makeup. I loved rehearsing,” she says. “My mom would have these extravagant outfits made, like red lamé with silver fringe and she would spray paint a silver cowboy hat and boots for me, the whole nine yards.”

A fan of country music and such artists as Reba McEntire, the Judds, and Randy Travis, Caldwell became obsessed with appearing on the television talent show Star Search. She wound up winning the competition five times, the most wins for a junior vocalist on the original version. At age 12, she landed a gig as a featured performer on a singing revue called “Country Tonite,” which meant a family move to Branson, MO, where the show was located. Caldwell sang country favorites six days a week, performing two shows a day, “doing full-on numbers where the dancers picked me up and I’m wearing a headset,” she recalls. Her mother told her she could stop anytime, but she loved the experience and carried on for three years. Then at age 15, she decided she wanted to move back to Katy and “just be normal.”

Around this time, her parents’ marriage fell apart, her relationship with her father deteriorated, and her mother struggled to support her and her younger sister. Caldwell coped by going through what she describes as a rebellious phase, but the absence of performing took a deep emotional toll on her. So when auditions for the second season of American Idol rolled through Texas, Caldwell decided to take her shot and rode the wave all the way to the Top 10.

The strength of her songs, plus her powerhouse voice, landed Caldwell a deal with Vanguard Records, part of the Welk Music Group. Shortly thereafter, Vanguard entered into a joint venture with EMI Music Group to release Without Regret through Vanguard/Capitol.