Camile Yarbrough

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Camille Yarbrough is Perhaps Best Known for 'take Yo' Praise', which Fatboy Slim Remixed as 'praise You' in 1998. 'take Yo Praise' was Originally Recorded in 1975 for Camille Yarbrough's First and Only Album "The Iron Pot Cooker". The Album was Based on the Very Successful 1971 Stage Dramatization of Yarbrough's One-woman/Spoken Word Show: Tales and Tunes of an African American Griot (Which She Toured Nationally During the 70s and 80s). When it was First Released in 1975, "The Iron Pot Cooker" Received High Reviews from Local and National Media, Including this One from Billboard Magazine: "Yarbrough Has Stylish Traces of Nina Simone and Gil Scott-heron but her Own Style of Singing and Recitation Are Outstanding. Her Songs Are all Thought Provoking".


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